Brighter future for the Business events!

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The year of 2020 will be remembered as a significant Game-Changer in the business event industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new reality where companies had to instantly adapt to the current circumstances and protocols such as social distancing and use technology as an alternative way of communication and virtual events. We at MDG Executive pivoted towards online virtual events. We swiftly realised the importance of providing companies a safe and professional platform where their business will continue to grow even in difficult times and came up with an ideal solution to pivot to virtual events. Great number of businesses have been using accessible platforms for their interactive business communication since the start of the pandemic in March this year. Therefore, we have implemented a platform that is web supported, easy to use, secure and with plenty of possibilities for online conferences. We at MDG Executive sell certainty.

Looking in the near future of 2021 and post-Covid-19 time, it is challenging to predict ­whether people will return to live conferences, meetings and business events as in pre-Covid-19 times, or they will proceed with using technology for virtually fulfilling the needs that the businesses dictate. As all great predictions begin with lot of data, it is important to highlight the essential advantages of the live events in terms of human interactions and business travels, as well as the positive psychological and social impact on each business traveler. However, it also implies additional costs for travelling, (hotels, air plane tickets) and given the 2020 crisis, plenty of companies will be prone to cutting expenses. On the other side, according to our in-depth analysis, there is a brighter future on the horizon for our industry, since organizing virtual events is a model that business people already got used to it. Even when the pandemic is over, the virtual meetings, conferences and seminars will continue to be valued within the business world for instantly connecting people from different countries and continents while saving time and resources. Not to mention that by digitalising business events, we protect the environment by going paperless, reducing event waste and influencing transportation footprint. Sustainability is what the whole world should turn to in order to save our planet.

Further analisys and consulting highly ranked executives have shown us that there are also business industries that do not experience such damages in their working, on the contrary – they expand and grow.

Fortunately, our sector of online events is such industry branch and at this very moment is necessary and needed by many in order to continue their businesses in terms of providing online events that will support and accelerate the injured industries.

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