2nd Annual Global Digital Process Optimisation and Smart Operations for Chemical Sector

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The year 2021 is almost around the corner, therefore, we are ready for our 2nd Annual Global Process Optimisation and Smart Operations for Chemical Sector. This year we had our 1st edition virtually, however, we believe that physical events bring more effective business networking via face-to-face communications and sharing knowledge at the physical venue. Our 2nd edition will be held on 10-11 of March 2022 in Berlin, Germany with all COVID-19 safety measurements included and followed by and online.

MDG Executive is approaching the topic from a combination of boosting productivity & profitability in chemical manufacturing via smart innovative operations, supply chain optimization processes, a recap of employing AI tools, and advanced analytics in 2021, lessons learned in the current implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 strategies.

We will be also focusing on a strategic mixture of new technology tools and sustainability issues whilst sharpening smart manufacturing and production optimization processes.

During this event industry professionals and experts will get an opportunity to discuss whether COVID-19 pandemic was used as a catalyst for boosting process automation and digital transformation of operational excellence in 2021, and how to prepare your process optimization operations for 2022 challenges and updates.

As a part of our business networking, we are creating several ways of professional interactions during our panel discussions and brainstorming sessions in Berlin, Germany, and online, where our participants can express their opinions, concerns, or potential solutions.

Key Topics:

  • Analyzing current Digital Solutions and Technologies in the chemical industry
  • Is Artificial Intelligence a Game Changer for the chemical manufacturing processes?
  • How Big Data can improve Digital Operational Efficiency and Supply Chain Management
  • Discussing Supply Chain Management (SCM) 2021 Highlights
  • Why do you need to optimize your chemical process now?
  • Sharing insights on the Supply Chain challenges and optimization opportunities
  • Discovering Effective Strategies on how optimization and Advanced Analytics are being leveraged in various planning processes
  • How chemical companies leverage optimization and advanced analytics in the areas of long-term strategic planning and economic evaluations
  • Battling economic downturn – also including the impact of COVID -19 Pandemic
  • How to achieve new levels of supply chain agility and profitability

Heads, Vice Presidents, Chiefs, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Specialists, and etc.

Process Optimization
Smart Operations
Digital processes
Industry 4.0
Process Automation
Smart manufacturing
Digital operations management
Smart factory
Digital performance
Digital solutions
Production optimization
Production Planning
Plant optimization
Digital Transformation
IIoT (Industrial IoT)
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

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