Data-Driven Business Models & Ecommerce Advanced Analytics

‘Data-Driven Business Models & Ecommerce Advanced Analytics’ is a unique virtual event for businesses who want to stay on top of ever-changing demographics, shifting business strategies, rapid growth of self-service from customers, and the accelerating evolution of technology.

Event discussions will centre around “How Data Analytics Is Revolutionizing The Future Of B2B Ecommerce In 2021” and “B2B Ecommerce Analytics: Why Predictive Analytics is now critical?”, while participants will also have the opportunity to brainstorm on the topic of Data and Analytics Architecture: The Foundation of Your Digital Acceleration and How Applying Data Science in B2B Ecommerce Will Boost Online Sales?

Serving as a networking and experience-sharing platform for all participants, this virtual event will help you to find the right business partner, and upgrade your B2B journey into a concrete and successful strategy.

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Two Days Online Conference + Online Documentation Package

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Two Days Online Conference + Online Documentation Package

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