Digital Grid Operations and Strategic Data Management

What are prospects in the electrical power network? Power grid automation systems market is booming so rapidly due to the recent advancement in smart grid technology and fast movements towards renewables. With the advancement in technology, there is an immense increase in the demand of electrical energy that has not only become challenge for its production but also its distribution. Our Digital Grid Operations and Strategic Data Management – Hybrid Event (Online & Berlin, Germany) on 29th – 30th of September 2022 will help network operators, TSOs and DSOs to upgrade their grid optimisation process and strategies to ensure reliability and resilience. Industry experts will have an opportunity to share their views and expertise on how to unlock the full potential of grid development, grid infrastructure and grid integration to maximise operations enhancements.

How effectively to speed up digital transformation in a bid to utilise data and to enhance grid management? During this event strategic data management, data handling and data science in the future grid management will be also discussed and introduced via our brainstorming sessions. Can data management tools and centres support the electric grid in a boost to global renewable energy and sustainability initiatives?

Heads, Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Team Leaders, Senior Managers, Managers, Analysts, etc.

Grid development
Grid infrastructure
Grid integration
Grid Operations
Digital operations
Smart grids
Grid optimisation
Digital grids
Advanced analytics
Smart grid development
Smart metering
Grid connection management
Data management
Data science
Grid control
Grid quality
Network operations 

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