Digital Price Analytics & Commodity Management for Chemical Industry

Nowadays most chemical companies in volatile environments use old traditional pricing models whilst they miss their potential margin improvement. Furthermore, chemical companies are often slow to implement price increases and quick to implement price decreases.

This event DIGITAL PRICE ANALYTICS & COMMODITY MANAGEMENT will help chemical companies to have a successful implementation and sustainability of dynamic pricing’s impact, to initiate clear pricing processes starting with market intelligence, to implement strategic value-based price positioning and price optimisation along the value chain, to improve commercial excellence and pricing excellence programs, to modify the organisation and procedures, to prepare proper IT and analytics infrastructure, and to manage human elements in dynamic pricing models.

A successful implementation of the latest dynamic pricing model requires change across the entire organisation. This online conference will provide a business networking platform for major key players in the chemical sector and will move their pricing forward to a new level of effectiveness and increase their profitability.

Featured topics:

  • Escaping commodity traps via value-added services
  • Profiting from volatility though predictive pricing
  • Using digital and analytics to take value pricing in the chemical industry to the next level
  • Having the appropriate IT, analytics infrastructure, and performance-management capabilities
  • What are the key drivers of a successful pricing implementation?
  • Analysing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic as well as weakening oil demand and crude oil prices
  • Re-evaluating future growth strategies such as digital value-added services to supplement existing product offerings
  • Engaging top management into a successful execution of the pricing strategy

CTOs, Heads, VPs, Directors, Managers, etc.:

- Pricing/ Price Analytics
- Smart pricing
- Pricing processes
- Pricing strategy/Strategic Pricing
- Product owner pricing
- Commercial Excellence
- Commercial strategy
- Commercial processes
- Strategic Development
- Commodities
- Commodity Management
- Commodity trading
- Petrochemical trading
- Market Intelligence
- Sales
- Financial controlling
- Data analytics
- Product Management

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