Future IT Applications & ICT Intelligence Management Event

Future IT Applications & ICT Intelligence Management Event

Virtual Event

Curious about Edge Computing, Power Distribution Internet of Things (PD-IoT) system and more about smart energy distribution? Our Future IT Applications & ICT Intelligence Management Event virtual event for the energy sector will open full potential and a clear picture of current implementation of edge computing within the energy sector.

During this global event participants will be able to analyse the current review on edge computing in smart energy, reduction of consumption/implementation costs, innovative technological developments in energy systems, effective integration of solutions within smart energy systems, investigation of  developments that involve the use of edge computing, impact of edge computing paradigm on energy consumption in IoT, future potential of IoT integration platforms, Power Distribution Internet of Things (PD-IoT) system and many more interesting aspects.

As Gartner reports, by year-end 2023 more than 50% of large enterprises will deploy at least six edge computing use cases deployed for IoT or immersive experiences. During this virtual event the key industry leaders and experts will present their current implementations and challenges of the utilization of edge computing in the IoT, insights into energy use in distributed IT and edge data centre applications and efforts by the ICT industry to improve energy efficiency, managing their portfolio of micro data centres and etc.

The event will serve as a business networking and a brainstorming virtual area to discuss ideas and opportunities on how to combat ever-increasing carbon emission levels, to overcome an extreme service delay and data congestion when a large number of data and business occur in emergence, to plan a service scheduling method based on edge computing and many more.

MDG Executive is approaching the topic from a combination of ICT Management, IT distributed systems and enterprise architecture perspective. During this virtual event our participants can take a part in the professional interactions during our panel discussions and brainstorming sessions.


• Analysis of current trends and challenges of IT applications for energy sector
• Future of ICT Intelligence management
• Running prescriptive analytics on the edge for real-time closed-loop optimisation
• Balancing energy consumption and distribution
• Building a serverless data pipeline
• What is Edge Computing for Dummies? From Pipelines to Till Lines
• Turning operational data into actionable intelligence
• What is the role of ICT in energy efficiency management?
• Automating processes whilst improving
• Developing new optimisation mechanisms whilst leveraging IoT, 5G & AI
• Ingesting and managing edge data
• Mitigating risks of series bandwidth and IT problems

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