Global Digital Process Optimisation and Smart Operations Event for Chemical Sector

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Virtual Event

Global Digital Process Optimisation and Smart Operations virtual event for Chemical sector is a business networking platform for the actual implementation and enhancement of smart operations into digital optimisation of processes, equipment maintenance, operational cost reductions and human-machine interactions across global chemical-related companies worldwide.

MDG Executive approaches the topic from a perspective containing combined operations and technology, for example addressing the new ways process automation, preventive maintenance, digital management of equipment downtime, smart manufacturing, using AI and Machine learning tools to analyse operational and equipment data, operational cost-reduction strategies, predictive analytics, current improvement of IIoT and Industry 4.0 aspects and many more.

On the event industry professionals and experts will have an opportunity to discuss whether COVID-19 pandemic can be used as a catalyst for boosting process automation and digital transformation of operational excellence for a prosperous business continuity.

As a part of our business networking we are creating several ways of professional interactions during our panel discussions and brainstorming sessions, where our participants can express their opinions, concerns or potential solutions.

This event will serve as a “virtual meeting room” for obtaining an enormous knowledge/ professional experience from the industry key leading experts about the following topics below:


  • Boosting productivity & profitability in chemical manufacturing via predictive analytics
  • Improvement of process automation & digital recovery
  • Employing AI tools to analyze operational and equipment data
  • Implementing strong preventive maintenance & CMMS (computerised maintenance management systems)
  • Using COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for digital transformation
  • Developing a strong & agile production planning
  • Smart innovative operations as new organizational strategy
  • Benefits of remote monitoring and optimisation
  • Operational cost-reduction strategies
  • Current implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 strategies

Air Liquide
Akkim Kimya
MESA International

Managers, Engineers, Specialists, Heads, VPs, Directors of:

• Smart Operations Process Optimization Industry 4.0
• IIoT Process Automation
• Smart factory
• Smart manufacturing
• Digital operations management
• Digital OPEX
• Smart process manufacturing
• Production optimization
• Digital processes
• Plant optimization
• Equipment maintenance
• Asset processes management
• Industry 4.0 engineers
• Digital Transformation
• Digital production
• IoT
• IIoT (Industrial IoT)
• Automation technology
• RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
• ML
• AI
• Automation services


• Chemicals
• Petrochemicals 
• Pharmaceuticals
• Agrochemicals

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