Global R&D Partnerships and Innovative Collaboration Virtual Event

Nowadays, collaborative innovation in the life sciences sector and new, effective networked R&D models are the top priority for researchers and bioengineers worldwide, due to rapid implementation of AI in pharma, digital pharma tools and COVID-19 pressure. An increase in digitalised assessment and treatment of patients, as well as in digital health and diagnosis are rapidly evolving during the current pandemic situation. Establishing a strong and effective collaborative R&D strategy can enhance existing cost-saving processes and ROI.

“Global Strategic R&D Partnerships & Innovative Collaboration – Virtual event” will serve as a business networking and experience-sharing platform, and will bring together top scientists, researchers, innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs from the life sciences, alongside pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other companies from all over the world.

The main purpose of this online event is to establish and emphasise reshaped and cost-effective R&D innovation strategy, enhancing scientific research via advanced digital tools such as AI, RWE and Big Data analytics, and through effective, innovative collaboration and new R&D models.

Key Topics:

  • Recalibrating business models and research priorities for the establishment of
    successful alliances.
  • Preparing for a future of networked R&D evolution.
  • Harnessing AI and Machine Learning to improve R&D efficiency and productivity
  • How can the COVID-19 situation be used to boost mutual and digital collaboration?
  • Building a collaborative “infostructure” (information structure).
  • Exploring the advantages or disadvantages of “biopartnering”.
  • Integrating data science and AI tools across different areas of networked R&D.

Directors, Heads, Leads, International Leads, Managers, VPs, SVPs, Executives, Associate Directors of:

Innovations                                Collaboration & Partnerships           R&D
External Innovation                  Life Science Partnership                   Pharma R&D Open Innovation
Open Innovation                       External Partnership                          R&D Digital
Digital Innovation                     External alliance                                 New R&D Models
Global Innovation                     Emerging Technology                       External R&D
Technical Innovation               International communications        R&D Partnerships
Data Science                             Strategic Partnership                         Digital Health R&D
- life sciences
- pharmaceuticals
- biotechnology
- environmental sciences
- biomedicine
- nutraceuticals
- neuroscience
- cell biology
- biophysics
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