Supply Chain Optimisation and Logistics Management for Smart Electronics

Recent years have proven to be tumultuous for the electronics industry; on one hand, the unquenchable thirst of consumers for ubiquitous and innovative devices and consumer goods; on the other, the great logistical challenge of overcoming component shortages and maintaining the robust supply chain our digital world demands.

Rising to the challenge, MDG Executive is proud to announce its ‘Supply Chain Optimisation and Logistics Management’ conference for the Smart Electronics Industry, now taking place LIVE in Berlin, Germany.

Over the course of the event we pore over issues of supply chain disruption management, explore strategies to cope with raw material shortages, and cover techniques for navigating the geopolitical uncertainty affecting the industry.

In addition, methods on optimal A.I use, process streamlining , and using data and analytics to source, diversify and harmonise component availability will be addressed, while examining ways of adapting to rapidly changing consumer trends and economically retooling production lines to match.

As the premier business networking event, join us on the 7th & 8th of April for a face-to-face discussion alongside some of the industry’s top leaders and experts, all under the latest health and safety guidelines to ensure a smooth and productive event.

Featured Topics:

  • The True Value of the Supply Chain Visibility
  • Sustainable Supply Chain, Circularity and ESG Reporting
  • Joint Forecasting & Integrated Information – partners in finding a fast solution
  • The Influence of the industry 4.0
  • Using data and analytics to build resilient SC
  • Shorter product life cycle/ ‘Just-in-time’ supply chain mode
  • Resiliency as a key pillar of Supply Chain Design
  • Supply Chain visibility for International Shipping
  • Delayed product launches due to disordered transportation

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