Oil & Gas Price Forecasting Conference


The industry of Oil and Gas plays a key role in running our world. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without it. Starting from powering our homes and businesses to keeping the transportation infrastructure running.

Between the rising and decreasing demand, price fluctuations, and geopolitical issues where one global supplier or another threatens to cut off supplies, every day imposes surprises and risks. This year, 2022 seems to be upping the stakes in terms of uncertainty in the European Energy Market. The Russian invasion of Ukraine reminds us how quickly changes in the geopolitical landscape can impact energy prices.

The sector has rebounded strongly during 2021, with prices reaching their highest levels in the last couple of years. While the industry’s recovery is better than expected, uncertainty still remains over market dynamics in the coming year.

This “Oil and Gas Price Forecasting conference” is giving the companies an opportunity to network with industry experts and discuss current challenges. The focus of the discussion will be on market price uncertainty drivers and the positive impact of new technology and green energy in the period of transition.  As in every other industry, prescriptive analytics is improving and optimising business decisions, so we will explore how data analytics and AI can add tangible value to the industry to predictably drive higher margins.

Featured topics:

  • Energy Security in the Period of Transition
  • Price Uncertainty in the European Energy Market
  • Data Management, Analytics, Automation, and Integration Platform
  • Europe’s Energy Supply Alternatives reducing reliance on Russia
  • How much will the EU Gas Storage Directive affect the future pricing strategy?
  • Higher prices affect the broader economy
  • Supply chain and storage logistics affect the price fluctuation
  • Prescriptive Analytics for Data-Driven Modeling & Optimized pricing
  • Controlling price execution in dynamic market conditions
  • Building data-driven culture to predict future demand and optimizing logistics

Head of Gas/ Oil / Pricing / Pricing Advisor / Pricing Strategy / Price Management / Forecasting (demand & price) / Trading (oil trading, gas trading, LNG) / Energy Trading / Modeling / Risk / Energy Market Analytics / Market Intelligence / Data Analytics

Berlin, Germany. 

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Two Days Conference + Online Documentation Package

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