Remote Client Interaction & Digital Experience Transformation

The customer expectations of bank clients during digital interactions are rapidly rising and evolving every year. Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, online client interactions of bank customers have not only increased, but also transformed owing to the implementation of the latest technologies.

This virtual event – Remote Client Interaction & Digital Experience Transformation – will help the financial and banking sectors ease the rapid digital journey of remote identity-proofing, meeting customer demands, updating existing apps and tools, and adopting different ways to make existing digital interaction easier and faster.

The aim is not only to meet and exceed online customer requirements, but also to educate and train existing employees in adopting new technological tools and  improved operational processes.

Owing to clients utilising mostly online transactions in recent years, the amount of data, remote identity-proofing tools, e-KYC, as well as the first steps in remote & self-service onboarding have all led to financial institutions evolving together with digital strategies and updated regulations.

Join us this year to explore real case studies of not only the success stories, but also the first attempts and failures of the digital experience transformation in order to find the right business vendor or IT service provider for you.


Featured topics:

  • Incorporating AI technology into organisational structures and processes
  • Strengthening operational resilience by creating an effective customer-centric culture
  • Modernising outdated mobile apps and an antiquated digital experience
  • Gaining a competitive advantage in the era of emerging fintech/non-bank start-ups
  • Prioritising cybersecurity challenges ahead of new innovations
  • Supporting KYC and e-KYC processes by implementing advanced ID verification systems
  • Turning operational data into actionable intelligence during COVID-19
  • Showcasing the elegance of a hybrid model for banks and employee retention
  • Focusing on mobile-first banking and positive experiences that address customer needs

Directors, Heads, Leads, International Leads, Managers, VPs, SVPs, Executives, Associate Directors of:

Digital                                             Customer Experience (CX)                  Technology
Digital Client Engagement       Digital Experience                                  Identity & Access management
Digital Sales                                Client Experience/Coverage                AI Implementation
Digital Channels                         Customer welcoming                            Onboarding
Digital Product                            Client Services                                        Open Banking
Automation                                 Client relationship                                  Product Owner
End User Online Delegate - 1 Day

One Day Online conference + Online Documentation Package

End User Online Delegate - 2 Days

Two Days Online conference + Online Documentation Package

Vendor Online Delegates - 1 Day

One Day Online conference + Online Documentation Package

Vendor Online Delegates - 2 Days

Two Days Online conference + Online Documentation Package

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