Smart Production Engineering & Innovative Predictive Maintenance

“Paving the way towards making factories more effective, innovative, and safer”

Integrating Processes & Technology has always been a “hot spot” for digital transformation and innovation efforts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries had to transform their business continuity and operational processes worldwide, both internally and externally. The Smart Production Engineering & Innovative Predictive Maintenance – Virtual event will highlight current opportunities in improving smart factories via the latest in digital automation, superior personnel training, integrating predictive maintenance options and effective production engineering.

Do you have the right people to bring in your smart factory? ‘How do I make my factory “smart”? Our event will help you understand how to establish an effective strategy for a smoother transition to smart factories and discovering innovative tools for predictive maintenance processes. In addition, the virtual event will serve as a business networking platform for industry experts from Non-Road Mobile Machinery and Commercial Vehicle sectors, where participants can discover new ways for adapting to different digital factory situations and finding the best equipment from a variety of vendors.

Featured topics:

  • Improving worker safety, increasing machine lifespan, and minimising production downtime.
  • Creating a fully functional and highly flexible interconnected production ecosystem.
  • Implementing smart factory automation applications, such as predictive maintenance.
  • Balancing supply and demand, improving product design, optimising manufacturing efficiency, and significantly reducing waste.
  • Implementing organisational realignments, resulting from the convergence of IT and OT.
  • Connecting processes and elements of smart manufacturing is an expansion of the cyberattack surface.
  • Digital twin implementation, and machine learning automation tools in production engineering.

CTOs, CDOs, Heads, Leads, Senior Expert, VPs, Directors, Managers, Engineers, etc.:

- Manufacturing Engineering
- Advanced Manufacturing
- Production Engineering
- Industry 4.0
- Internet of Things (IoT)/ Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
- Smart Factory
- Digital Factory
- Factory/Plant
- Factory Operations
- Digital
- Development
- Digital Innovation
- Digital Strategy
- Smart Operations
- Technology Operations
- R&D
- Innovation

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