Where we are heading


We run In-depth analysis of the root cause of problems in many industries. Our team of producers provides systematic approach towards creating the speaker panel presented by dominant, successful, experienced leaders. We tend to include case studies and presentations that have proven successful and efficient innovative processes. The industries that we have established great connections among the others are:
Chemical & Petrochemical industry
Online conferences attended by petrochemical companies, refining companies, utilities, contractors, financial institutions, government authorities where C-level executives and professionals from the industry share their expertise on petrochemicals & refining – engineering, construction, workforce development, operations & maintenance, supply chain & logistics and other actual industry challenges. 
Manufacturing industry
Industry professionals from the manufacturing world take part at many online conferences tending to share and expand their knowledge and learn from the best CEOs regarding new machine tools, controls, computers, software, components, systems and processes designed to help solve the latest manufacturing challenges and improve their efficiency.
Finance industry
Excellent opportunity for investors, bankers, financial institutions and other stakeholders to network and interact by attending an online conference that focuses on latest and improved financial services and solutions presented by the leaders of the  finance industry.
Pharmaceuticals industry
Pharmacology online conferences always cover various aspects from the industry such as commercial, sales & marketing strategy, market access, data and evidence, patient centricity and others. Pharmaceutical companies, strategy and technology experts, health care providers, patient advocacy groups etc., attend such online conferences in attempt to learn about the current and future challenges in the pharmaceutical world from the leading professionals and C-level executives from the field and the market leading solutions providers.

Oil & Gas industry
The online conferences for the Oil & Gas Industry focus on the most critical issues and opportunities this sector is facing, such as late life strategy, decommissioning & abandonment, asset integrity, data driven production etc. Providing an innovative and immersive learning experience from highly ranked professionals within this industry, these online conferences target independent operators, national oil companies, regulatory bodies, service providers and suppliers.
Utilities industry
Online conferences for the utilities industry aim to bring energy professionals together enabling them to connect, share experiences and knowledge. Covering professionals from the electric utility industry, gas utility industry, water utility industry and telecommunications utility industry, the conferences usually include a range of topics, such as change management, process excellence, continuous improvement, advancing women in utilities, social media for utilities, and more, that are key to the development of utility industry professionals, teams and organizations.
Automotive industry
The automotive conferences have always been a platform where senior level executives can convene to discover and learn the latest trends and technologies affecting their businesses. Nowadays these online conferences continue in that manner, guaranteeing international speakers and the presence of decision makers in leading companies, targeting anyone wanting to learn about the future of the automotive industry and how to seize market potential.