About Us

Who We Are

MDG Executive is a proactive (B2B) event management company based in Prague, recognized as leader in its expertise. At MDG we adopt a strategic approach to every aspect of conference and event organization, so that you can secure your position at the pinnacle of your industry. Our company was established by experienced producers and business professionals who find their passion in integrating their knowledge into business opportunities.

MDG is proud to act as an indispensable asset for creating C-level, high class, spot on business networking events. We provide comprehensive services in the field of business conferences where every attendee will reach their maximum return of value. MDG strategy relies on the success and prosperity of the presenters, delegates and sponsors where our business approach and reliability are highly valued. Our team of producers provides systematic approach towards creating the speaker panel presented by dominant, successful, experienced leaders.
Our staff is armed with first class education, unparalleled work ethic and is highly motivated to provide our clients with a unique experience of worldwide connection that inspires innovation, clash of ideas and a fast-paced path to the future of collaboration.

We thrive under pressure, we rise to the occasion when our work ethic and knowledge are being tested and we deliver results beyond expectations.

A strategic tool for powering business growth!

Streamlined Services

We run all our events with one platform which allows all our participants to host COVID-secure online events. We have created an ideal solution for holding our events during the Covid-19 pandemic. We would like to highlight that we are committed to transition from a dedicated single-platform approach to face-to-face conferences as soon as it is safe to do so.

We have created a tailor made platform that is designed to support a business conference as closely and accurately as any on-site conference giving you the illusion of actually being surrounded by your peers. The platform that we use is a web based platform and does not comply as a webinar. Moreover, it is a stage where all 3 parties (speakers-delegates-sponsors) can meet in cloistered virtual rooms and have private meetings.

Streamline business workflows through the power of a single platform: one license, one log-in, one support and training team.

Redefining conference strategy

Our secure online conferences allow sponsors, speakers and delegates to interact seamlessly so that business never has to slow down. Even at this stage there are constant advantages being implemented in this line of work. During this pandemic online work is used as a suitable substitution to real life face to face meeting and so far, it has accomplished more than it was expected. Events are hosted responsibly.

Environmental impact
– This way of the business is dedicated to protecting the environment. We go paperless by saving on a lot of paper, reduce event waste, and most importantly reduce the transportation footprint due to decreased level of fuel emission by vehicles and planes.
Social impact – Reaching globally to every business professional, awareness about the pivotal role that management plays in society

We GO SUSTAINABLE. Our company doesn’t just care about our clients, it also cares about the world we live in and strive to protect it to the best of its abilities.

We care for the business and the economy


We care for the business and the economy, yes we are business people!

We care for the planet Earth and the global warming, yes we go sustainable!

BUT, we also care about our followers, the future generations. We care about our children who will follow our path, our happiness and our success. We believe that the future belongs to healthy, happy and educated children who will follow our footsteps and provide safety on this planet.

Hence, MDG Executive is supporting the Czech organization “LOCIKA” that provides help for children affected by domestic violence. Here we donate 3% of our monthly income to protect our children.


We want to encourage them to have faith in themselves that they can do better than us, that they matter and have a voice. We would like to act and reach out to every child that needs a hand and bring positive change. We believe that this way we can enable them to do the same for the next generation, creating a cycle of human kindness that reaches every corner of the world.