Global Digital Process Optimisation and Smart Operations for Chemical Sector

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The Global Digital Process Optimisation and Smart Operations for Chemical Sector virtual event will bring together highly ranked executives and affirmed professionals from the chemical industry to share their expertise regarding many key challenges this industry is facing during the post-Covid19 year of 2021. As all great ideas always emerge from challenging times, so has the Covid-19 crisis given birth to great innovative solutions to enhance companies’ recovery and quickly adapt to the new reality for the chemical industry. Now, at the threshold of the recovery, is an excellent moment for attending this kind of virtual event which will cover many working aspects of the chemical sector that are being challenged and considered to be trending topics within the industry. Many of these topics are still subjects of debate among the industry professionals and as such deserve attention and platform for discussion. Our virtual event will provide that particular platform and deliver expertise for all companies and attendees, as well as answers to many questions on best innovative solutions.

An important highlighted issue that is particularly actualised within the chemical industry across the globe, and a topic to which we will pay a great amount of attention on this event is the Digitalisation.  Digital transformation as significant opportunity for innovative solutions in an era of cutting-edge technologies includes digitilised tools such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA) and other technologies. Expertise and experiences on the topic are more than welcome to provide feedback to open questions about industrial internet of things IIoT, computerized maintenance management system CMMS, using AI for Big Data and many more.

Another key challenge in all industries following the decrease of the productivity in 2020, is the recovery. Everybody is aware that it will be a slow process, and yet experts are attempting to find a way to accelerate that process. During the event, they will share their views and insights on how to succeed in recovery by using AI tools for in-depth analysis of operational and equipment data and predictive analytics for increasing productivity and regaining profitability for the chemical companies.

Furthermore, this virtual event will also cover aspects of working that are necessary and inevitable for future development of the chemical industry in general. Aspects as developing strong and agile production planning, new organizational strategies, benefits of remote monitoring and optimization, operational cost-reduction strategies, will bring benefit in terms of knowledge for all companies, manufacturers, executives and experts attending this event.

Join our event and position yourselves and your companies ahead of current developments and future challenges in the chemical sector, hosted by MDG Executive.

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