Donating for a Better World

Donating for a Better World

The world today needs help in its many vulnerable segments. The awareness of providing help for the weak is the first step towards making this world a better place. Taking an actual action in supporting the local community results in social change with certain beliefs, practices and business profits. It’s not only the large companies, but also smaller companies can make big difference while they practice social responsibility by donating money, products or services to social causes and nonprofits.

We at MDG Executive follow the path of being socially conscious company and we are proudly engaged in contributing each year a significant amount of money to the organization Locika that provides help to children affected by domestic violence. We strongly believe in supporting the cause that every child has a right to be protected and raised in a violence-free family. The past year of Covid-19 pandemic drastically increased the number of reported domestic violence and child abuse all over the world as a direct consequence of the enforced isolation, worsen financial resources, financial losses and increased stress people experienced during the lockdowns. We recognize the importance that this cause should be supported even more intensively and the society must give its best to help these children and give them a chance for better life. Locika reports that in previous years the average number of children victims of domestic violence on a yearly basis in Czech Republic was 2500. Locika is able to provide help to 10% i.e. to 250 children each year by delivering the minimum budget required for one child in amount of 1300 euro. Help is provided in various forms such as online education, therapeutic work with children, training for social workers and psychologists, organizing webinars and in many other aspects that cover professional expertise in dealing with this kind of deviation in the society.


We proudly follow the example of larger companies’ philanthropy that bring positive changes in the society. By donating for those in need and encouraging others to join us, together we can win the fight for better lives for the next generations thus create a healthier society. In this way we create an image of a company that cares, gives and believes. Corporate social responsibility is not only a plain moral duty, but also a noble behavior that boosts hope and traces the path towards a better future.

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